FAUSTA Gallelli and love!

The singer Fausta Gallelli takes her audience into the world of love with her new single ‘Ti amo’.

Fausta Gallelli, originally from south of Italy, followed love to the picturesque Burgenland in Austria. The decision to leave family, friends and her work in Italy gives her interpretation of Ti amo’ an incomparable strength and intensity.

‘Ti amo’ (‘I love you’) was originally presented by Umberto Tozzi in 1977 and was a huge hit in many European countries. Fausta Gallelli has reinterpreted the classic in her own way and merged it with her personal story. Her authentic performance reflects her deep experiences with love and makes the song a moving experience for the audience.

Let yourself be carried away by Fausta’s expressiveness and passion for love. When you spend a romantic evening with your partner, you only need two words: ‘Ti amo’. Dive in the timeless power of this expression that is as old as humanity itself.

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Who is Fausta Gallelli?

Fausta Gallelli comes from Calabria, in the south of Italy, and starts her singing career at the tender age of 6 years. She tours along Italy with different bands and attends prestigious singing competitions such as the „Premio Mia Martini“ and the famous „Accademia della Canzone di Sanremo“.

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